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Comprehensive promotion of the YouTube channel. Help for beginners!

Comprehensive promotion of the YouTube channel. Help for beginners!



Dear Youtubers! Many of You have asked to create a comprehensive service to promote a young YouTube channel.

For a General understanding of who this service is for, let's define what each of Us understands by the concept of promoting a young YouTube channel.

A young YouTube channel or a novice channel is a user's channel, regardless of the date and time of creation, which has no or almost no live subscribers (offers do not count). The activity on this channel is insignificant: there are few views, individual likes and comments. The channel was not promoted professionally or independently without significant results.

What is included in a Comprehensive promotion:

Live views via Google ads. We will audit the channel and set up ads not only for impressions, but also for attracting the target audience.

Crops in social networks. This will give an additional influx of active audience.

Expected result: 7000-10000 views. Followers, likes, comments. Activity on other channel videos.

Tags: YouTube, Comprehensive promotion, advertising, adwords, crops

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Guarantee: eternal
Geography: ★ View geography: All over the world (option for setting up impressions in specific countries)
Possibility of replenishment: during the promotion or after it is possible to top up the order