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Mobile voting (SMS voting or phone call voting) 100 votes.

 Mobile voting (SMS voting or phone call voting) 100 votes.


Votes that require a real phone number are among the most difficult and most expensive. These votes require maximum confidentiality, efficiency, and additional costs.


We conduct several types of voting:


1. Voting with registration by phone number, where you need to confirm the phone number via SMS or a special form.

2. Voting, in which you need to enter the number or code that we receive by SMS to the phone.

3. Sending paid SMS messages to short numbers.


Voting with Russian numbers. There are no others. Expensive, but the result is worth it.

Database of 1000 numbers.





Real user

Geography: Russia.

Eternal warranty

Speed up to 1000 per day

Start 2 -10 hours

Guarantee: eternal



The minimum package is 100 votes. A maximum of 1000. Please note when purchasing.

Tags: voting, Smart and live voting in contests, polls, ratings, Mobile voting, SMS

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Technology: ★Real users
Traffic source: ★Mobile voting (SMS voting or phone call voting)
language русский, english
Скорость: ★Speed up to 1000 per day
Guarantee: ★ Eternal warranty
Geography: ★Geography: Russia, CIS, European countries .
Possibility of replenishment: YEs