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Telegram Subscribers - 100

Real Telegram Subscribers to the group (channel) ID: 800


Only open groups and channels!

Little Live Hack! To promote closed groups, we temporarily make them open. A couple of hours is enough!

Take this into account when choosing an order from Us. You can also choose a GEO, for example, the USA or the CIS, or the whole world.

This does not affect the price of the service!



Real   users

Geography: Russia, the CIS, Europe and the United States .

30-day warranty

Speed up to 1000 per day

Start 2 -10 hours


The set of subscribers in a Telegram (this is not a cheat subscribers to the Telegram!) with ads on the telegram channels themselves!

Increasing Telegram subscribers without cheating and manipulation is an extremely effective tool for promoting your Telegram channel.

The audience of the Telegram messenger is, without exaggeration, millions of users from different parts of the world– potential customers for your business with the right organization of the promotion of the Telegram channel.

. Telegram can rightfully be called the largest closed social network that provides only the information that a person needs and, most importantly, data security.

Telegram statistics break monthly attendance and engagement records. The Telegram app has the highest percentage of engagement compared to other social networks. By subscribing to the channel or joining the public, users are ALREADY INITIALLY interested in the company's products or services.

Every day, the Telegram audience sends about 70 billion messages;

Every month, the platform's channels gain more than 30 billion views.

Promotion of your Telegram channel opens new opportunities for business development.

And here we are talking not only about expanding the base of potential customers, establishing communication with the target audience, increasing brand loyalty, forming trusting relationships, but also using the most effective platform for communication. When sales are falling everywhere, Telegram remains the most effective platform for both interaction with customers and further support and discussion of products.

Of course, the increase (not cheating) of subscribers in the Telegram becomes an important, and sometimes – a necessary tool for the popularization of the channel.

A channel with good subscriber activity certainly attracts the attention of other users of the platform. The public is more loyal to publics that have a large number of followers. The logic is quite clear – if so many people have already subscribed to the channel, it means that it is really interesting/profitable here.

Important! In the Telegram there is no payment for the channel, censorship, "drain" of information. The messenger is supported by all operating systems and works on smartphones or tablets, as well as on desktop PCs and laptops.

Telegram promotion does not require large investments, and with proper account management, it fully pays for itself in the near future. It is here that the brand can gather "its audience" and, like a speaker on the square, convey important, useful information to it.


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Скорость: 10 000
Guarantee: 30 days
Geography: ★ Real users of Facebook, Telegram and other networks
Possibility of replenishment: yes (max 200 000)