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Yandex Zen is a unique husky with advertising and social networks! ID:910 (package of 100 likes)

Yandex Zen is a unique husky with advertising and social networks! ID:910

(package of 100 likes)

likes on the Yandex Zen publication from advertising and crops!

Geography: Russia, CIS, European countries .

The link is indicated for a specific publication

Speed of 100-300 per day

Start 2-10 hours

Min. 100

Warranty: Perpetual

Traffic source booklets, social networks, advertising.


Order Likes from Us in Yandex Zen and increase the popularity of your channel. Cheating likes allows you to get a temporary effect and such likes will be written off sooner or later, which can not be said about a live audience.

Over the years, we have managed to create a unique base of active audience that will be happy to visit your channel and possibly become yours!

Users do not always leave comments or likes for many reasons: there is no time, the article was not read to the end, or it turned out not to be exactly what they were looking for. As a result, even a successful channel looks unnatural. With a lot of views, there are no reactions or comments.

This has a negative impact on the channel's promotion and audience behavior.


Zen algorithms take into account the received likes and dislikes when ranking the channel.

You can order a service from Us to make the article popular with readers or to increase the number of likes compared to dislikes. As you know, unscrupulous competitors often write complaints, wind up dislikes and negative comments. Even a channel with good content can't always resist the business sharks on Zen.


The minimum package for ordering is 100 likes, this is quite enough for a young channel, for more poplyapny channels we offer to buy several packages up to 1000 likes.


Trust the proven services! Do not risk the reputation of the channel for the sake of a minute's profit by agreeing to promote with dubious performers.


Good luck with your promotion!

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Скорость: ★The speed is 100 - 300 per day
Guarantee: ★ Warranty: Perpetual
Geography: ★Geography: Russia, CIS, European countries .
Possibility of replenishment: ★Min. 1000