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Yandex Zen live subscribers from advertising! ID:900 -1000

Yandex Zen live subscribers from advertising! ID:900

Live profile followers with ads and crops !

Geography: Russia, CIS, European countries .

The speed is 1000-5000 per day

Start 2-10 hours

Min. 100

Warranty: Perpetual

Traffic source booklets, social networks


Due to high-quality crops, it is possible to attract up to 10,000 active subscribers in a few days!

+ 1000 real, live Yandex users will subscribe to your channel. Zen.

Attention!!! these are not bots!!!

All the subscribers are real, live people that are authorized on the channel!

The percentage of unsubscribes is minimal and natural, no more than 2-3 %

From my side, security guarantees - no channel blocking!

If you want, you can repeat the order or order from 1,000 to 10,000 active subscribers at once!



Yandex Zen subscribers from smmzone.ru -this is an active audience from social networks with coverage of many countries: the CIS, Europe, which is the first to see new articles and other publications on the channel. Separately, the Zen algorithm generates an audience for articles and topics of the channel. However, subscribers are a more targeted audience that has independently chosen the subject of your content.

It is difficult for new channels to get the first regular readers.

A set of subscribers in Yandex Zen allows us to speed up this process.

New channels can reach the first thousand regular readers in just a week. Popular channels also need to be promoted in order to increase the channel's subscribers at the expense of a regular audience.

Cheating subscribers is cheaper, but are you ready to risk the reputation of the channel or trust Us to secure promotion?

In Smmzone.ru your channel will be subscribed to by a live and active audience, active users and readers of the Yandex Zen platform. New subscribers to the Yandex Zen channel will accelerate its development and popularity growth. A regular audience will give the first thousand full reads, hundreds of likes and comments on the day the content is published.It's safe and natural.

Is there a safe cheat? Is it worth the risk, ordering from competitors to cheat subscribers?

Order the promotion of your Yandex Zen channel from Us and we will select the target audience for kazal in the most responsible and natural way.


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Скорость: ★The speed is 1000-5000 per day
Guarantee: ★ Warranty: Perpetual
Geography: ★Geography: Russia, CIS, European countries .
Possibility of replenishment: ★Min. 1000