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Terms of use, privacy policy

When ordering any services on the site SMMzone.ru as well as when adding funds to your account, you automatically agree to all the rules:

1. As soon as the money is added to the balance, it is not possible to return it back to the account in the payment system!!!

2. The paid service cannot be canceled if the link (account) has passed moderation and is accepted for execution. Be careful when paying for services.

3. The price of Euro Zone and American services depends on the exchange rate of the respective currencies against the Russian ruble. Prices of the service can be changed at any time based on the exchange rate and the cost of offers. The price for a paid service that is in operation does not change. The price for the service purchased but not received on the execution of changes the customer is notified, shall be refunded or the customer is directed to the provision of services at the new price.

4. It is forbidden to add the same link at the same time to work on the same types of services (for Example, YouTube Views or subscriptions) while the first or previous task is not completed and is in progress.

5. When ordering at the same time for the same link, we are not responsible for the full scope of work!

6. When performing orders for services that may be debited by the services, the account is analyzed (video) for up to 24 hours before performing the work. If a write-off is detected because the previous service (contractor) was not completed, the service is suspended until the end of the write-off (up to 7 days), after which the work is performed by our service. No warranty is provided in this case. Choose only high-quality services and value your accounts and channels.

7. If you order views simultaneously on different services (and not only) from us and on other sites, as soon as the counter reaches the order quantity mark, the work is considered completed, and all work guarantees are canceled!

8. If you delete a video (Youtube) or photo (instagram), or any other task, regardless of the reasons, as well as closing counters, comments, or other actions that lead to the inability to complete the task, after the service starts performing the task, the order is automatically considered completed and no refunds are made.

9. YouTube and Instagram and other services can release updates to their platforms at any time. If there is an update, orders for views, subscribers, likes, and other services may be partially suspended, or the speed of execution may be reduced, as well as recovery guarantees may be canceled until the stability of the service is restored. Keep this in mind for urgent orders.

10. When a task is stopped due to decisions of our partners (price changes, cancellation of services, server prevention), the task is stopped first of all for sites offering ads on embedding terms, crops, and services for completing tasks for remuneration (offers). The refund is based on the amount of the service that has not been completed.

11. All execution speeds and start times (starting from the moment of payment) are approximate and may vary depending on the volume of tasks being performed, especially in video embedding services on movie sites. The speed also depends on the quantity and volume of the ordered service.

12. Rates with a pre-specified slow execution speed, usually executed by offers, are the most suitable for tasks if you need to hold on views or organic increase in indicators (likes, comments, views on hold). On high-speed rates, such as embedding videos, the minimum viewing time is 15-30 seconds. if the content is not interested, the viewer will skip and finish viewing without clicking through. Keep this in mind when ordering rates with video embedding, ads from Adsence, and crops. Also, when ordering live comments and views, the service is not responsible for possible evaluation of the video (photo) in the form of dislikes or negative comments. In this case, order comments on Your texts or views by offers.

13. We do not recommend monetized views (with the exception of crops and ads on YouTube). It is recommended to disable monetization while ordering works. Monetized views are performed at the user's own risk, and payments may be debited, including for previous views! Keep this in mind when ordering YouTube viewing services.

14. In case of gross violation of the service rules, the account is blocked. If you block your account in our service, the money is returned only upon written request smmzones@gmail.com within 30 business days!

15. After the start of any task, the task cannot be canceled, except when you specify an incorrect link (for example, you order Youtube subscribers and a link to a Vkontakte or Instagram group).

16. For insulting or disrespectful communication to employees of service requirements not satisfying paid job, spam and failure to support multiple messages, changing the content to violate the law, the user account can be blocked without the right to unlock and refund.

17. For attempts to use the service illegally: viewing competitors ' videos (photos) for rejection, negative comments on a competitor's video that do not correspond to reality, unsubstantiated complaints, and other actions that lead to unfair competition, the account may be blocked without the right to unblock and refund funds.

18. When ordering Youtube services, Facebook (Likes Subscribers Friends ) when hiding the quantity indicators, the order is considered completed, guarantees for such services are not implemented!

19. SMMzone administration reserves the right to cancel and pause orders without explanation if violations of the terms of use of the service are detected or such information is received from third parties.

privacy policy

1.All customer information on the service is confidential. Registration data is stored on a separate service and is not subject to transfer to third parties. In case of loss of access, the password and account are restored to the email address from which the registration was made. In the event of loss of access to all transactions in the account frozen until You restore mail access. The Telegram, Viber, and Whatsapp accounts you use for quick communication cannot be used to restore access to your account.

2.It is forbidden to use Your orders as examples for other people's work. The service, for its part, also guarantees non-proliferation of information about the volume and composition of ordered services.

3. All information about orders, volumes, services, and links to orders is strictly confidential and not subject to disclosure. It can be submitted to Your address (registration email) or personal account in the service only in the form of a report on completed work.

4.All Correspondence with the site administration is confidential and is not subject to disclosure by the parties and placement on third-party services.

5.Your payment details, cards and wallets from which the payment was received are strictly confidential. We use only those funds acceptance services that meet the security requirements when transferring funds.

Money back policy

Money is returned only upon written request smmzones@gmail.com within 30 business days from the account from which the registration was made!

The withdrawal fee is equal to the Commission of the respective payment systems.

If you lose access to your account, funds will be returned to your accounts (wallets) upon a written request from the client, along with the payment details that were used to transfer them to the service.

The service includes payment modules that allow you to safely top up your account. We are not responsible for payment and transfer of funds to third parties offering intermediary services or coupons. Also, beware of scammers. We only accept payments on the site. We do not have any authorized representatives or persons who can provide you with discounts on top-up or reduction of the cost of services. Report all illegal offers immediately to the site administration.

Follow the promotions directly on the site, as well As your discounts in the future depend on the volume of services called.