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10 tips for promoting novice video bloggers!

10 tips for promoting novice video bloggers! Get your target audience and don't lose your budget!

Dear Youtubers! Many of You have already been able to evaluate Our comprehensive service for promoting a young YouTube channel.

Today we will give you 10 tips for promoting a young YouTube channel to get a target audience and not drain your budget!

tip 1: Optimize your Video and channel. If you have little experience in this, study the channels of competitors. See how their channel appeals to a wide audience. To maximize the potential of all videos:

* Create a semantic core;

* optimize the title of each video (according to the data in the core);

· be sure to add keywords from the semantic core to the video descriptions;

* add subtitles, links to your website or social networks, and use unique tags for videos.

Tip 2: Promote only the latest videos. Do not spray your budget on multiple videos, especially if they are older than 7 days.

Tip 3: If you order promotion in various services, we prefer live promotion. Today, the most effective is promotion using Google ads and seeding in social networks. We don't spend our budget on various video embeddings, offer views, and bot scams. As a rule, these types of promotion are used in conjunction with live promotion to increase retention and activity indicators, or anything that allows you to get into trends and recommendations.

Tip 4: Pay attention if you are engaged in promotion on your own or with the involvement of smm specialists! High-quality advertising in Google requires experience, constant analysis of results and additional settings throughout the entire promotion process. This is the only way to get not only the most cherished views, but also a target audience that will actively respond to the video with likes, dislikes or comments, and the most valuable thing will subscribe to Your channel. This is especially Important for narrow channels of unpopular topics.

Tip 5: During the promotion period, we pay special attention to the channel. You must respond quickly to all user comments. Do not rush to delete negative ones, but thank them for their advice or comment. Be open with the audience. Don't be lazy to go to the viewer's channel and sign up for a mutual subscription. This is always a pleasure for everyone!

Tip 6: Remember that there will always be dislikes and negative comments. This may be the machinations of competitors, the entertainment of Internet trolls, or just a reaction to Your content. One thing is important: do not give in to provocations and do not engage in verbal skirmishes. Always be polite and correct.

Tip 7: Ads in videos. Do not engage in advertising dubious services, no matter how much you would like to earn money. You can lose not only subscribers, but also the channel can be blocked!

Tip 8: Choose proven performers for promotion. Don't order promotion from multiple artists. In case of possible problems, it will be extremely difficult for you to prove the performer's guilt. And this can significantly spoil the chosen promotion strategy and harm the channel as a whole.

Tip 9: For those who promote videos in several countries. Carefully study or consult with a specialist on the requirements and restrictions of the laws of different countries for video advertising. For example, in Russia, you must specify the age audience of the video (0+, 16+) in the description or preview of the video.advertising of alcohol and medicines is prohibited.

Tip 10:It is advisable to extend the advertising of a video that brought the target audience and an excellent response, just as it makes no sense to spray the budget on a video that did not find a response in the hearts of the viewer.

To conclude this article, I would like to draw Your attention: there are millions of channels On YouTube, the competition is just crazy, the threads change regularly, the stars light up and go out suddenly. Be yourself, be honest and open with the subscriber and the viewer, make high-quality content and Your audience will definitely thank You!